Portable Generators Can Be Used For Many Purposes


Portable generators come in many shapes and sizes. They are a great asset and help us in times of emergencies when utility power fails. Those who like hunting or camping like to use a portable unit to make the trip more enjoyable. Since a decade the incidence of storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes is on the rise. Those who live in a danger zone need to get a reliable unit as a backup source of power.

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It is good to keep well prepared for the unknown. This way you do not have to rush to buy a generator at the 12th hour. If there is a storm in the making that is expected to make landfall in your area, get the sandbags and a good supply of canned food and water. The generator will help you keep all the food fresh. There are many models that can help you power basic essentials. Since portable units are cheaper and easy to move around you will have no problems setting it up. There are also models that allow you to plug in devices which make them easier to use. The new inverter generators are fast becoming the leading choice of consumers as they use up less fuel and work very quietly. They are also ideal for recharging laptops, cell phones and tablets.

When food and power are lost life can be miserable when staying indoors so make sure no matter what you and your family have an ample supply of food and water beside a reliable generator. While standby generators are a way of improving your home a portable unit will help you save money and still do the job for you. Benefits of a standby generator may outnumber those of a portable one. However, those who like the outdoors prefer a portable unit as it can be used for outdoor trips and at home as well.

If you have a large house you will do better with a standby unit of 22Kw. It will power two air conditioners, refrigerator, and a freezer besides other basic essentials. At the time of hurricanes and storms, it is also good to help your neighbors. With a standby generator, you can also help the neighbor keep their foods fresh by allowing them to use the power generated by your generator. To set up the unit you will need a flat piece of land almost 12-15 feet away from the house. Large standby generators can run for days at no end, while the portable units can give you 10-15 hours of runtime with a full tank.

The newer portable generators have a cascading design which allows them to be hooked up with another unit to give you more power. For a temporary solution to power failure, you can use two portable inverter generators instead of getting a standby generator. This will help you save money for other things.

Kohler, Generac and Brigg and Stratton are the favorite of the American household. Yamaha also makes the inverter generator with reliable engines that are sold at very low prices. The portable models are lightweight and easy to carry around. The newer technology is always better, so choose from an inverter model to help you save money. These generators use less fuel and make less noise. The THD is low so it is safe for use with sensitive electronics that have a micro circuitry.

If you want to have a transfer switch to automate the switching over from grid power to generator power choose a portable unit that is transfer switch ready. You can always buy the transfer switch later and have an electrician set it up for you.

A standby generator is costly and is installed directly into the mains. It is always powered by an external fuel supply. You will need a good amount of spare fuel to run it for long periods of time. Comparatively, the portable generators consume less fuel.

There are also the battery inverters that require no fuel. Kohler enCube1.8 is a fuel-free portable power for indoors and outdoors. It runs on no engine and no fuel. You can recharge the battery using solar power. It serves as a clean source of power with absolutely no emissions. It can be used to power up laptops, TVs, cell phones, refrigerators and more. You can hook it up with another unit to get more power. With this model, you will never have to worry about fuel. The cost is also very low at $1049. When it is time to go camping, hunting, tailgating, or working at remote sites, take the 117 lb enCube along to make the trips more memorable. When the utility power goes out you can use the same generator at home.

Before you get a portable generator, you need to know how much wattage you need from it. Sizing the generator will help you get the ideal one. The online shops are a great source of information so call to learn which portable generators are perfect for you.


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