Qualities for Global Leadership – Ellen Kwame Corkrum


A global leader must have multilingual backgrounds with flows in at least 3 languages. For example, you can communicate with your customers in a common language, but respect increases if you choose to talk to them in your mother tongue. There is no doubt that they will feel satisfied when they make extra efforts. When you look at your method of working, you will understand that a large part of their achievement cannot be determined for leadership.

A successful global leader should be ready to merge his existing environment with the new people in a completely new environment and he is very enthusiastically. In fact, for a global leadership, a special skill set is required which involves large-scale management of people from different cultures, societies and countries. You have to learn more about other parts of the world, their customs, their traditions, thoughts, beliefs and people who define them.

Leadership estimates are flexible equipment to evaluate performance estimations. These include style, decision, culture fit and potential challenge areas.

Understanding the response from only one source, known as multi-source response multi-source evaluation, the strength of this reaction system is that it helps employees to understand how their work is felt by others. is. In this way they can learn their strengths and weaknesses and thus the areas for development and development.

The most importing thing in a person is to set goals in life as well as for the organisation for which they are working. The counselings programs are involved in your skills to understand the strategies to establish and achieve individual and organisational goals. Creating business plans, formulating a formal approach and preparing strategies for the company is the most important and it can be sharpened through online leadership development programs. Ellen Kwame Corkrum is a Liberian politician who works as Managing Director of Liberia Airport Authority and specialise in global leadership, marketing and aviation management in the United States.


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