QuickBooks Desktop Payroll – Updating Billing Information


Your favourite payroll accounting software – QuickBooks has many features and functions. One of these is the QuickBooks desktop payroll service that you can subscribe to if you want to take advantage of those payroll features. They will be able to access your account updates, automatic tax calculation, online forms and so on.

If you want to update your billing information, you can do so on this page under the section called Annual Billing Details. If you are already a billing contact, enter all the details as best you can. If not, you will find the part empty, after which you will have to call the experts who can replace the billing contact or holder with your name.

Update billing information in QuickBooks?

With the help of this blog, you can better understand one aspect of QuickBooks desktop payroll subscription and how you can update details like billing information for membership. It is essential to update your information periodically to avoid interruptions in your services.

There are some special ones that you have to keep in mind when you have to replace old information. These include signing balances in your account and opening a maintenance page therein.

The holder may, at times, be separated from the billing contact. If there are any changes that you are unable to know or make about QuickBooks desktop payroll pricing, please let our experts know about this.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll – Changing Payment Details

If you are a billing contact, you can only edit billing information in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Clicking on the Edit option will allow you to add new details, then select the Change Payment option.

Depending on the mode of payment you choose, certain steps will make the update easier as you follow.

If you have chosen to pay using a bank account, then first, how can you change the details here.

Updating bank account information

Step 1 – Sign in to your account using your QuickBooks ID and password. On the off chance that you do not know, please ask us.

Step 2 – Open the page named section “Manage your QuickBooks”. Select the service or merchandise you want to adjust. Make sure your chosen company is right.

Step 3 – Once you reach the required product or service, click on your payroll service. You will find the Billing Detail part on this page. Click edit here and add your information.

Step 4 – After making satisfactory changes, click Save and Close them.

Step 5 – Go to the rest of the data which has been entered on that page like renewal, membership type or fee structure.

Step 4– If you have completed the inspection and update, log out by clicking on the link at the top-right corner.

Pay fees for QuickBooks desktop payroll services

Regardless of the mode of payment, you have to pay the following fees-

➔ The main fee for membership which is reduced monthly or annually depending on your preference.

➔ Fees that you have to pay per employee whose wages are monthly or more often. This is a secondary charge and not necessarily applicable to every user.

You will also be informed by QuickBooks about the details of your subscription before each renewal from billing. This billing contact is usually the owner or buyer of the software. If you are not billing contact in your company but would like to change this information, you can get help with this task from experts like us.

If you want to change the way you pay for your membership, for example for funds transferred via credit card to electronic means, you can do that too. Just tell it to our expert team to dial QuickBooks Support phone number.


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