Reasons To Choose Civil Engineering As A Career- Amir Parekh


When it comes to picking a career anyone can get confused. There are chances that you won’t get much time to decide unless you are sure about one since childhood. The reason behind failing to choose a good and best-suited career is the fact that we don’t spend much time with ourselves thinking about what we love doing most that can be converted into a promising career. While picking any career depends upon individual interests but some careers appeal to a great number of people. The reason for these interests is no doubt the fact that these are the set of careers which offer good income as well as offering enough opportunities to learn something new. ‘‘One such career is civil engineering which has everything that you would be looking in your wannabe career,” says Amir Parekh, the expert industry leader.

If you haven’t decided yet, the following points may make you decide one such rewarding career i.e. civil engineering

  • Offers opportunities in diverse fields:

The first and foremost benefit of choosing it as a career is no doubt the fact that civil engineers can be useful in various fields. Although it is something you must not have in your mind before setting off for your career as you must always pursue your passion or what excites you most but at the end of the days, it is always advisable to pick a career that has something to offer in most of the fields. With the amount of growing unemployment some amount of flexibility must be welcomed and appreciated as you must make some money and get some experience after graduating from college before you can end up having your dream job. Hence, this is where civil engineering comes into the picture as civil engineers can find opportunities in energy, geotechnical, and environment fields. They can be useful in designing oil rigs or wind farms, developing strategies for soil testing, finding or creating solutions to pollution control and remedial system. This is why industry leaders such as Parekh thinks highly of this career and advocates the idea of picking it.

  • Offers Handsome Salary and Job Stability:

With the growing population and urbanization, there is an ever-increasing constructional activity such as bridges, stadiums, hospitals, skyscrapers, maintaining airports, etc. It is one of the few fields which have enough opportunities in both private as well as government sectors. Civil engineers can particularly be useful to bridge the gap between developing and developed countries. Most of the developing countries do need a great number of civil engineers to have good infrastructure so that they can keep up with developed nations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay of civil engineers is around $82,000 with an average growth of 8%.


Conclusion: Choosing a career is one of the most crucial and important decisions of our lives as our lives depend on our choices. While choosing a career is a completely personal thing and no one would like to be told what to pursue or not as it depends on individual interests but some careers offer a great number of benefits. One such career is civil engineering as it promises handsome salary and job stability besides having its usefulness in diverse fields as educated by Amir.  


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