Roman Rubin Black Tusk – Treatment Problems Facing the Metals and Mining Industry

Roman Rubin Black Tusk

The country’s mining industry needs technologies and solutions that respond to the demanding global market for metals, by-products, and processes. According to Roman Rubin, through the injection of innovation and entrepreneurship, the mining of the future that Canada needs must adapt to increasingly automated and complex processes that are demanding highly specialized human capital.

The challenge is to present disruptive solutions that can captivate these companies looking for talent outside their organization. 

Here in this post, Roman Rubin offers 7 mining problems that companies are looking for to solve them.

Challenge 1 / Optimize the use of tires in high tonnage trucks, controlling wear, cuts, etc:

It is common for high-tonnage trucks, in their cycle of loading, transporting and unloading material, to suffer cuts in their tires due to sharp rocks on the berm of the roads, which reduces the useful life of these. Eventually, if the cut is very deep, it must be sent to a workshop for repair, leaving the load cycle planning and affecting the entire load circuit previously planned.

Challenge 2 / Improve the fragmentation process to achieve “zero” oversized materials (bolones), allowing to be more efficient in loading, transporting and processing the material:

When the material is loaded into high tonnage trucks, the size of the rocks is not always uniform or the same size, therefore, when these oversized materials go to crushers, they can affect their operation, affecting the full operation. Roman Rubin Black Tusk CFO seeks in a company that the material that goes to the ‘crushers’ or crushers, does not exceed 5 inches in diameter (12.7 cms), while for CAP Mining they can reach a maximum of up to 1 meter in diameter according to the machines they work with.

Challenge 3 / Develop solutions that seek to eliminate dust emissions at low cost, derived from crushing plants and haulage ramps, routes, and slopes in open pit mine:

The generation of dust is an issue directly related to the mining process due to the nature of how the mineral is extracted. This challenge seeks initiatives that reduce dust particles in suspension, mainly in crushing plants and haulage ramps, routes, and slopes in open-pit mines.

Challenge 4 / Recover ceramic plates or ceramic filters saturated with fines in vacuum filters:

Ceramic filters or plates are saturated with the fines they treat, that is, in simple terms, these ‘filters’ are expensive and are contaminated with macroparticles, therefore, the challenge seeks to recover these filters or ceramic plates through some innovative processes.

Challenge 5 / Minimize unit water consumption in Grinding, Concentration, and Thickening processes:

The processes of Grinding, Concentration, and Thickening consume a large amount of water, in addition, the costs of water for mining companies are high, since it has to desalinate seawater and transport large flows of water from the coast to the mountain range to carry out the processes described above. Therefore, the challenge aims to develop savings in water consumption for these processes.

Challenge 6 / Design modular, adaptable, and low intervention sampling in crushing and milling plants:

A system that measures the quality of the material that goes to the crushing and grinding plants in real-time and with low intervention would be very useful to know what the quality of the material is being worked with. Sometimes, when projects are developed, costs are limited and the sampling process is limited or eliminated, due to this a sampling system that can be moved would be ideal.

Challenge 7 / Manage and control industrial air and water circuits in plants:

Mining processes require large volumes of air and water. In several sub-processes, the requirement is very specific, so different pressures and volumes of air and water must be managed for the specific operation. The challenge seeks a system that regulates these variables for each requirement.


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