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If you’re looking for a genuine relationship or to find true love, you may well be looking for a dating agency to help, particularly as it’s more difficult to find people these days, as meeting opportunities to meet naturally in the UK have become very limited.

Search mate - Dating Site

Pubs, clubs, and other entertainment venues have dramatically reduced in numbers in recent years and if you can’t get on with online dating and we understand that it is not for everybody, it limits your opportunities to meet new potential partners.

With online dating, you have to accept there is a lack of confidentiality, with your photographs and highly personal detail accessible to everybody, members and non-members alike and understandably that isn’t for everybody. Your profile can be accessed by neighbors, work colleagues, friends, family, and very little is kept private, which can be extremely off-putting for many and may not be for you.

Also, online dating related crime has boomed in recent years, with fraud, blackmail, assaults, and more serious sexual and physical crimes are running at record levels in the UK, according to both the National Crime Agency and the Office for National Statistics. Increasing fivefold in recent years — worrying statistics indeed.

Over the last decade or so, many people have turned to traditional agencies like Searchmate, preferring to work with a Personal Matchmaker, then facing the perils of online dating or dating apps alone and being totally unprepared for what they face. Since 2012 Searchmate has increased its numbers of members exponentially, as the public has consciously made the choice of keeping safe by working with a matchmaker, who carefully vets every member and sends you matches according to your own preferences.

So it’s been a changing world in recent times, with most people preferring to keep themselves safe and look for high-quality partners than they did in the past when online dating first came into the UK in the late 1990s. In the early days maybe people were a little more trusting, but with online dating fraud now running at more than £100 million per annum in the UK alone, safety has to come first.

The Searchmate approach is very different, as every potential client, is personally interviewed on a face to face basis and carefully checked out before they can become a member. Every client is checked for residency, whether or not they are living with a partner, for any involvement in crime, and also for solvency and to make sure they are joining for the right reasons and not for financial gain.

After your interview with one of our matchmaking team, the next step is that a professional profile is created that captures you perfectly and portrays you at your very best, this includes high-quality photographs that can be taken at the Searchmate office by their resident photographer Alison Burford, all as part of the service and on a completely complimentary basis too.

When you have approved your profile and chosen your photographs, you will be introduced to your very own personal matchmaker and the exciting part — your matchmaking period will begin. High-quality matches will then begin to drop into your inbox or by phone if you prefer, for you to evaluate.

Does that sound like your sort of high-quality dating service? It has worked for many with literally thousands of successes each year since Searchmate came into being in 1998. If so please get in touch by clicking the link. We would love to hear from you and there is never any sort of obligation or compulsion to join — just a friendly chat with one of our membership advisers, to put you in an informed position and enable you to decide whether or not it is for you. We think it will be!


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