Smart Luggage System With GPS & Short Range Beeper


Today everybody want to be with Digital world. With the help of technology, human’s life is changing day by day. Smart bag works smartly and provides you digital features in luggage bags. Bag consists of Bluetooth as well as Wifi technology. Bag is connected to smart phones using Bluetooth and Wifi. We can lock/unlock our bags using mobile phones. A smart bag have many features like mobile charging, Electronic lock, Anti-Theft, Weight Sensor, Water Resistant, RFID Locking.

User can easily lock/unlock using mobile phone as well as specially designed RFID cards. These cards can be in different design and different size. These tags contain electronically–stored information. There are two types of RFID tags. Active and Passive tags. We need RFID reader to read cards identity number. Tags can be read only or it can be re-write by writer.

A smart bag also having GPS tracking device. We can easily locate on mobile maps, our bags, if lost. A GPS tracking device is used to get GPS locations of bag. It gets co-ordinates from GPS satellites. It then transmits the GPS data to remote database. User can watch changes in locations on google maps using external tracker system using HTML. We can also check playback of our history GPS data.

We can also verify battery percentage of bag’s battery on mobile. Bag is having electronic lock that will be supplied by bag battery. We can also check weight of bag. So that we can verify weather battery charging is ok or not. We can charge our tablet or mobile using usb cable provided in bag.

A smart luggage system also consist of smart Bluetooth device. If thief will try to take away bag from the owner then bag and mobile both will beep within seconds. If user lost his/her bag somewhere at home then user can use short range beeper to search bag at home. Short range beeper consists of smart Bluetooth hardware that can be verified if connected or not using programming language.

We can also use IR sensor at the bottom of the bag so that we can get instant beep, if any unknown person will pick the bag. IR sensor consist of infra-red LED light and light receiver. Light receiver will keep on trying to detect light. Whenever it will detect light, we can trigger any sound.


SOS button is used if user is in trouble. User can trigger any activity on clicking SOS button. We can send SMS or call any known person for help.




A smart bag is having very good feature like a user want to keep his material safe in bag zip, then he can enable security using mobile app. So that unknown person can’t open bag zip. There is a small sensor placed below the zip. If unknown person will open bag zip, then bag will give alert using buzzer and push notification on mobile app.

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