Surefire Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Ilan Shatz

Surefire Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Ilan Shatz 1

Customer is the king, you must have heard this many times and chances are most of the time after not getting good services you must have had considered it as just a cliché; you must have had thought of speaking your heart out loud but had ended up getting rating messages based on the conversation that you had had with the customer executive, repetitive answers, unwillingness to help, subservient behaviour to the point annoying, etc.

Surefire Ways To Improve Customer Experience With Ilan Shatz 2

Ilan Shatz, the experienced entrepreneur, says that the great businesses are built not on the product quality or the services; yes they are important, but customer experience; the end result, which makes them keep coming, again and again, matters more.

5 Most Important Things To Consider For Increasing Customer Experience.

Develop a sense of gratitude for customers: Believe it or not, customers are the very reason for the existence of the businesses. Businesses are employed by customers. Develop a genuine sense of gratitude for customers because all the products and services are meaningless if there is no customer to buy the products and services. Even small sales can be converted into big profits if you have a good number of the customer. In almost any business, the profits or the margins are always less and it depends on the sales i.e. the number of customers and the number of things bought that will shoot up the sales and hence profits.

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Learn people skills: You have to develop people skills. You have to understand that the way in which you deal with humans or for that matter your customers will largely impact your life. It has equal importance in business as well as in personal life. Learn communication skills, showing empathy, genuine interest in customers, solving pains, proactive approach, etc.

According to Shatz, “our success in business and personnel life largely depends on the way we deal with people and the proper use of people skills”

Learn to keep customers for good: If your focus is to keep every customer for good, then you will find improving customer experience quite easier. More you have satisfied customers over a longer period of time, more are the chances of newer customers associating with you.

Complete knowledge of product and process: It is not unlikely of the customer support executive making customers left clueless because of not having a complete product and process knowledge. Train your executive in such a way that they should not have the slightest doubt about the product or the process.

Timely reviews and ratings: To make sure that customers are happy with your services, you have to gauge their satisfaction level. The timely delivery of satisfaction rating messages will be particularly helpful. 

Conclusion: The customer is the king because companies are employed by him/her. The focus of the companies should be more focused on him/her rather product and services because it is the result that matters most of the time and customer experience is indeed the result which will make them keep coming again and again. It can be improved by showing gratitude, having people skills, keeping them for good, having complete knowledge of product and process and timely reviews and ratings of the customers. Ilan Shatz can’t stress enough the importance of having people skills and the proper use of them.


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