Tenga Schieber – Executive Admin Assistant in Organization

Tenga Schieber

Role of Executive Administrative Assistant is at variance from place to place. Generally, you will find them as coordinators, office supervisors, administrative service manager and more. Whatever might be the title but the responsibility associated with the job is similar which allows in management and according to Tenga Schieber time management is the key skill that one must have to ensure in his/her survival in the field.

Job Description of Executive Administrative Assistant

They are the professionals who carry out numerous business-related tasks such as preparing reports, coordination, meeting arrangements, taking minutes and other organizational functions and to do it with perfection and efficiency one must have the candid understanding of Microsoft Office Suite, Document Management Systems (SharePoint) CRM and Meeting Registration and Planning etc.

Characteristics of Roles and Responsibilities

• Creating invoice letters, financial statements, memos and reports and other confidential documents.
• Conduct basic book-keeping tasks.
• Carry out office duties such as ordering supplies and managing up to date databases.
• Provides administrative support.
• Analyzing and reading incoming submissions, memos and distributing them to the appropriate places.
• Proficiency in software such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets and other presentation software.
• Regularly, manage sensitive and confidential information appropriately and with a high level of discretion.
• Ensuring quality work product through effective execution of established guidelines and procedures; reviewing work product for quality, accuracy, and alignment with customer request etc.

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How Hiring of Executive Administrative Assistant Benefits Your Business?

• They play as a friendly face for your company and assist professionally to make a positive impression on business clients.
• Executive Administrative Assistant is recognizable to clients and help clients feel welcomed every time they step in your business place.
• Plays a significant role to make your business exceptionally organized and helps to grow business vigorously.
• They aid in all tedious tasks easy going for you through managing functions such as managing payroll, making travel arrangements and keeping still ongoing of every day to day process.
• Saves time for you and while you are free, you can pay your attention and focus on major other tasks that are in hand.

Skills Essential for Becoming Executive Administrative Assistant

• Administrative Support Experience
• In-depth Knowledge of entire MS office suite it’s working and functionality.
• Ability to organize and prioritize work-load.
• Must have professional written and verbal skills.
• A proactive problem-solving approach with effective decision-making.

Without an administrative assistant your office could be disorganized, chaotic and to keep-up with a smooth office functionality feel free to contact Tenga Schieber a qualified veteran in the field.


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