The 93-year-old Biggest Fan of Sehwag Cheering for Punjab XI: See Pictures


Kings XI Punjab’s mentor Sehwag recently met his 93-year-old fan. His fame is named Om Prakash, after meeting him; Sehwag was surprised to see his affection for cricket. After listening to him, Sehwag felt emotionally touched by the feet of Om Prakash. Even after being so old, Om Prakash did not forget the innings played by Sehwag.

Om Prakash Joshi is the fan of Kings XI Punjab and Virender Sehwag. They reached the stadium on Tuesday to meet Sehwag and team players. Sehwag met him and shared his photo on the social accounts of Kings XI Punjab.

Sehwag talked with his oldest fans for a long time and posed many photographs with them, which he did viral on social media. Om Prakash came to Patiala directly to meet Sehwag in Chandigarh. Kings XI Punjab team has teamed up to match them with their favorite players.

In the end, Sehwag took a selfie with him and tweeted: “A very passionate meeting with Om Prakash ji. They are 93 years old and have come to Chandigarh directly from Patiala to meet me. He told me about my love for me. Greeting  Grandfather.’

Om Prakash asked Sehwag what if he comes to Urdu; Sehwag replies that he comes to Urdu, not only that Sehwag tells Om Prakash Joshi his oldest fan. After this, Sehwag says Om Prakash Joshi that he had read the story of lion and rat in 1933 which he still remembers and when he tells Sehwag, he tells the whole story.

Punjab first time defeated Chennai at the homeplace

Despite his captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s magnificent innings (79), Chennai lost by four runs in their third match in the 11th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Punjab first time defeated Chennai at homeplace. Chennai had won both their matches so far but lost in the third match. After losing the toss, Punjab, after losing seven wickets, scored 197 runs in the allotted 20 overs, which Chennai could not achieve and could only score 193 runs.


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