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Mr Shamim Akhtar

Since time immemorial, humans have an urge to travel and have valued its importance. Their wanderlust is not confined to the national boundaries as they are continuously exploring nearly inaccessible places. While for some it is an opportunity to have recreational activities and respite from normal life, for others, it is a journey into a new world, the journey of different experiences, different cultures, and the world that they would have never been exposed to. People having wanderlust such as Mr Shamim Akhtar are doing their part to share their experiences with the travelers around the globe and help them educating time to time.

There are numerous reasons which highlight its importance starting from its being a stress buster and allowing opening our mental faculties to re-discovering ourselves. While no planning can be considered as perfect, because how well you may be planned, the beauty of travelling is that something will always go wrong especially if you are not so frequent traveler but one thing is for sure that at the end of the day you will not be the same person who you was before traveling because some experiences and emotions will surely add up to your memory.

7 Points Will Help You Avoid Carelessness & Having Really a Fun Time While Travelling

1)  Proper documents

While commuting between different countries, a passport authorizes you to cross their borders and it shows that you are a bonafide and legal citizen of a particular nation of origin whereas the other important document is visa which specifies your purpose of visit and both have their own and specific importance as you just can’t do without any of them because both are required at the same time.

2)  Travel light

Traveling light will provide you way more opportunities to have better memorable experiences because you don’t have to worry about the theft and misplacement of your belongings and the burden of carrying heavy load which will make you easily tired depriving off the fun it brings. Take only those things which you can’t do without and which you can’t buy there. Its importance can be easily understood from the fact that experienced travelers like Mr Shamim Akhtar have stressed the importance of traveling light from time to time.

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3)  Keep Photocopies of Important Documents

Keeping photocopies of important documents helps when you lose the original documents. A photocopy of the original passport and the visa may serve the purpose to some extent and reduce the chances of forfeiture.

4) Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

Some ideas will always be in use. It is advisable to learn the commonly used phrases, expressions or ideas such as please, thank you, I’m sorry in the local language. The other important thing to understand is to know some cultural differences among different countries before visiting a foreign land because what is acceptable in your culture may be taboo there and even sometimes some gestures can be easily mistaken.

5) Currency Exchange App Helps

The conversion rate of different currencies continuously fluctuates according to the market trends and can significantly change the price of anything you wish to buy. It is quite handy to download any good currency exchange app to keep you aware of the conversion rates of your currency and foreign currency of the country you are going to visit.

6) Use Technology

Technology can help you navigate your path easily. You can download Google maps to navigate as much as possible with ease. Beware not to fall prey to the free public WiFi to avoid any cyber theft after entering bank account details or passwords. Make sure you have downloaded a good app to easily book the cabs.

7)   Remember Hotel Address and Room Number

It is not unlikely for travelers to forget the hotel address and room number that lands them in serious situations. Make sure to keep a note of the address and room number in your phone.

Conclusion: Since time immemorial, humans have an urge and sudden inner call to travel. It can be a beautiful way of getting some respite from usual and monotonous life and for some it is all about meeting new people, learning different cultures, having peace with them and discovering the opportunities in the foreign land. It is a sheer pleasure and learning experience to travel around the world if understood and taken care of some things well in advance like having proper documents, backing up of the documents by means of modern technology, learning common phrases, keeping a note of hotel address and room number and effective use of the technology. It goes without saying that all the experienced travelers such as Mr Shamim Akhtar equally agrees to all the points.


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