Tiffani S Lankford – Guide 8 Amazing Ways How To Lose Weight

Tiffani S Lankford - Fitness

Ever thought you’re obese? Or about how to lose weight? And do you feel awkward while traveling and in a crowded place? If you ever thought about these questions then you need to read the full blog to avoid these unusual circumstances.  

Losing weight is more difficult as compared to gain. You have to make many sacrifices for a perfect/shaped body that you ever dream of. Don’t be sad you can do this, and you can do it too fast with the help of some remarkable weight-loss strategies. You need to follow some imperative instructions daily, to achieve your goal, said Tiffani S Lankford, a health and fitness coach.

Do you know nearly 40% of the adult population in the United States Of America is obese in 2021 it is weird but true, which means approx 100 million people in the country who are overweight at the age of between 15-20 are obese. 

Now, come up with the enthusiastic topic, the eight appropriate ways that help you to lose weight quickly such as: 

  • Drink More Water 

Drinking water before taking a meal helps you to lose weight fast. Water has zero calories if you drink it in the morning with lemon or ginger, you can see the effect soon.  Avoid other liquids that include high calories like juice, milk, and more. 

  • Avoid Junk Food 

Don’t dare to eat junk food, the main reason for gaining weight is eating junk food unconditionally. Do not stock junk foods like chocolate, sweets, burgers, and more recommended by Tiffani S Lankford. Avoid high-calorie food to achieve your goal. 

  • Eat Veg and Fruits 

If you make a habit to eat veg and fruits, that will show a positive impact to lose your weight for sure. Fruits and veg have lots of nutrients, and the percentage of the calories is too low, which means that can help you to lose weight simultaneously. 

  • Daily Workout 

Daily exercise is very essential to lose weight, you can get a shaped and good posture body from that. when you do exercises like jogging, running, walking, weight lifting, yoga, and more thus, you will burn calories. 

  • Eat Steadily 

According to Tiffani S Lankford when you eat slowly, it helps to reduce the number of calories ultimately, it assists to reduce weight as well. Obese people eat very fast and get a huge number of calories. You need to chew your food very much to lose weight. 

  • Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol like whiskey, vodka, wine has 100 calories that are cause for weight gain, if you drink a glass of alcohol, it contains calories as much as ice cream and chocolates. Over drink is responsible for weight gain, you need to avoid this. 

  • Make A List Of Food

Make a list of food like nuts, beans, apples, soup, vegetables, etc that helps you to lose weight. make a timetable for eating and follow that regularly. Suddenly, you will get your goal. 

Tiffani S Lankford - Fitness
  • Keep Your Mind Positive 

Self-change is not easy, you have to keep your mind positive always. You can’t lose weight in 15 days, you need to take patience. Always motivate yourself, see other fit people and tell yourself that you will make a shaped body soon.


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