Tips for Growing the Best Tomatoes Ever By John Deschauer

Tips for Growing the Best Tomatoes Ever By John Deschauer 1

Red, ripe, juicy and homegrown tomatoes are a sheer delight to have in a vegetable garden. These are high in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Potassium, etc. “It is a necessary ingredient in most of the salads which are easy to consume and high in nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and Potassium”, says John Deschauer, the leader and expert in the tomato industry. 

Below are some simple tips which can help you grow one of the best tomatoes ever:

  • Plenty of light: Sunlight is essential for every living being. Like us, plants do need plenty of sunlight and the yield does depend upon the amount of sunlight. Choose a place where the plant can get plenty of sunlight because tomatoes soak up sunshine just like water. At least seven hours of sunlight is essential for a good yield. While planting seedlings it should be ensured that there must be enough room between each seedling so that light must reach the lower portions and it has been substantiated by various experts of the industry such as John and others. 
  • Plant deeply: Make sure to plant seedlings deeper because tomatoes root along their stems. The deeply rooted roots produce a stronger and more robust plant.
  • Water deeply: Your yield and quality of tomatoes will largely depend upon the amount of water being watered by you. Juicy tomatoes need water about an inch per week. While watering your plant, it is also equally important to ensure that water should not evaporate quickly and you can avoid the same by using decaying leaves, bark, or compost as a mulch. The bottom line is to make sure that water must seep through the soil and reaches the roots.
  • Right soil: It is not just the sunlight and water that plays an important role in the production of a good yield. The right soil does ensure the roots to grow deeper. Tomatoes grow best in slightly acidic soil having a pH of 6.5 to 6.8. You can determine the pH with the help of a soil tester. Add Dolomite Lime to make it less acidic. Don’t mind adding Sulfur, if it is too alkaline. The benefit that comes with this type of soil lies in the property of its being well-drained.  
  • Don’t let your plant feel lonely: Consider planting some different vegetables along with your tomato plant. You can grow Basil, Garlic and Onions and your plant will enjoy the friends and their companionship. There are two main benefits of growing Basil, Garlic and Onions along with your tomato plant which is as follows:
  1. You will use them frequently as these are the important ingredients of every almost every meal.
  2. They repel pests such as nematodes.
Tips for Growing the Best Tomatoes Ever By John Deschauer 2

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Conclusion: Growing tomatoes is a tricky business because a good production will depend on many factors such as adequate watering; plenty of sunlight and enough space between each seedling but before heading towards your journey to grow best tomatoes make sure to find the suitable soil to grow these juicy vegetables. The soil has a pH of 6.5 to 6.8 can be considered as the best to grow tomatoes. Don’t mind adding Sulfur, if it is too alkaline. Similarly, you can add Dolomite Lime to make it less acidic. It is advised to follow the tips and seek the help of experts like Deschauer.


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