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Your smile is an integral part of your personality and to make it the best smile ever! You need to follow flawless dental care routine to ensure its lifelong staying on your face. Summerlin Dental Solutions is here with some phenomenal tips that will end up you with a healthy and beautiful smile forever.

Oral Hygiene- Something More Than Just Brushing Your Teeth 

Oral hygiene is not limited to brushing only but it accommodates the whole cleaning of your mouth indulges with the area where your teeth make a meet to gums, tooth surfaces, and your tongue so that the arousal of cavities could be put at the bay.

Give shield protection to your teeth with following tips.

Apt Brushing & Flossing Techniques by Summerlin Dental Solutions

Summerlin Dental Solutions
Apt Brushing & Flossing Techniques

1) Right Way for Brushing 

Brushing is the initial step from where oral hygiene begins the right way of brushing is essential to make an escape from gum diseases and oral health issues.

• Brush Your Teeth Two Times a Day: Do not be in hazels while brushing your teeth go for deep cleaning, after all, it is the matter of your beautiful smile.

• Use Apposite Brush and Paste: Make use of a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste that fits in your mouth contentedly.

• Brushing Technique: Good brushing indulges a technique, hold your brush in right angle and gently brush your teeth back –and –forth, outside, inside, chewing surface and do not eliminate your tongue.

• Keep Your Brush Clean:  Don’t forget to rinse your brush with water after brushing, keep it air dry and separate from other toothbrushes to make protection against cross contamination. Don’t make a cover on it too often; it might mold growth of yeast and bacteria.

• Replacing of Tooth Brush: Change your brush after 3-4 months.

2) How to Carry Out Flossing 

Tight spaces and gum lines are the areas inside your mouth where the toothbrush can’t have its reach that why flossing is crucially needed for in-depth cleaning.

• Choosing Right Floss: Make a pick to nylon floss for quality cleaning of your mouth and do it before brushing your teeth.

• Holding of Floss: hold approximately 18 inches floss wind some part of it around your middle finger and hold rest with your index finger.

• Go in Between Your Teeth and Gums Gently:  Use it inside your mouth in rubbing motion.

• One Tooth at a Time: Slide floss slightly in between your teeth and floss every tooth one after another in a regular pattern.

• Finally Brush Your Teeth: After giving a finish to flossing go for brushing on necessarily basis and end up the procedure with rising of water or mouthwash.

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Alarm Time to Go for a Doctor 

Get your teeth checked by a doctor if you are experiencing the following symptoms.

• Bleeding at the time of flossing and brushing.

• Swollen gums with pain.

• Loosening of permanent teeth.

• Sensitivity towards hot and cold food.

• Unusual taste and bad breath

• Gulp down the difficulty.

• Mouth ulcers.

We hope the information we endow with through the blog would be profitable for you to maintain an optimum level of your oral hygiene. In addition to this, make you are dependable rely on Summerlin Dental Solutions for laser gum treatment, tooth implant, Cosmetic Dentistry and more.


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