Why Football is Popular? Top 15 Reasons

Why Football is Popular Top 15 Reasons

Today American football has grown into one of the most popular world sports and spectators all over the globe are glued to their TV sets to catch the latest NFL games. You would hardly think that Americans find football is better than basketball but there are some solid reasons why American football is so popular. It is now possible to get tickets to watch these games live in stadiums with a Live Football Tickets discount code.

This game originated in the 1800s and you will be surprised to find that American football popularity by country has increased over the years. When it had started people did not anticipate the level of euphoria it would generate and how successful it would be.

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The NFL is said to be a $9 billion industry on its own and college football in the US is worth $6 billion. In view of the revenues that this sport generates one can see that there are millions addicted to this sport. Here are some reasons why American football has become so popular:

  1. One of the compelling reasons to watch American football is that the seasons are short and if you blink, you will miss it. Every season has only 16 games and this means each game is vital. Since the competition is so very intense fans are glued to the matches because each defeat or victory can turn out to be a game-changer.
  2. When the regular season is done, the playoffs begin and this is undeniably one of the largest spectacles culminating in the electrifying atmosphere of the Super Bowl. Fans from every corner of the world watch this event.
  3. Another reason why American football is so very popular is that the passion and love for the sport have been handed down from one generation to another. Fans of today have actually grown up loving the sport as kids.
  4. You cannot deny the kind of coverage the sport gets, whether it is on regular media or social media. Since you can always get information and news about American football from varied sources you are always in touch with what is happening.
  5. Football involves both physicality and tactics, and you will find both of these in American football. Fans are mesmerized with the constantly evolving new tactics that coaches come up in order to take advantage of the opponents. There is a continuous feeling of thrill and adrenaline rush for viewers of the sport.
  6. Football can be the game of inches where even the tiniest bounce could decide between a victory and defeat. So, fans are more excited to catch every game because they know that every year every team spins off some surprises.
  7. In American football, you will come across many fairytale-like success stories that will shock you beyond words. Fans love to know of such stories and this keeps them awestruck and addicted to the game.
  8. Almost everyone who watches football thinks he can coach his favourite team. But the coach’s job is anything but easy; there are so many strategies and tactics in play. Coaching is more like chess and watching the coach in action is thrilling for fans.
  9. Like all sports, there are rivalries and this can be a strong reason to keep watching and cheering for your favourite players against their opponents. In American football, these rivalries are pretty intense.
  10. Defense is the most intriguing aspect in football and defensive touchdowns are the biggest draws for viewers. In American football, defense is perhaps the most compelling reason to watch the game.
  11. The weekly intrigue in American football is what keeps fans hooked to it. You cannot compare the week-to-week urgency prevalent in US stadiums to any other sport on a Sunday.
  12. One of the biggest reasons why American football is so popular is because it has grown into a Thanksgiving tradition of sorts. In the US, families actually play basketball or football together to celebrate this annual holiday, come rain or shine.
  13. American football is more like simulated warfare where the coach acts as a head general and the quarterbacks are the field generals. They line up just like a war and engage in physical combat.
  14. Every game gas 8-12 scoring plays in the 60 minutes of playtime. This gives a great mix and you are constantly looking forward to a scoring play.
  15. The NFL and NCAA have actually capitalized on the American interest in this game by ensuring that more games are played on weekends and in primetime slots.

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