Top 4 Social Media Techniques to Grow your Business Online


Many of you Have a Questions in your Mind that How to promote/Grow your Business with Social Media Techniques with Organically. So here is the Top 4 Social media Techniques.

1. So, let’s get right into it first pay to play is here to stay and it’s not going away. Today Facebook ads are the best method of online advertising around now the question arises her why? Facebook has over two billion users all around the world. Because Facebook gathers so much data from these users including you and I you can control that data to your advantage to reach potential customers and clients of your business. However, the key is to run targeted ads on Facebook and you can do that by building what is known as custom audiences through Facebook Ads manager platform.

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So there’s a couple things that you can do here one if you have a CRM of any kind or if you have an email list of any kind you can import that data right into Facebook and any time you run ads even if your ad budget is as little as five or ten dollars you can ensure that those ads that you run are seen by the right audience the biggest mistake that marketers make is they just throw money out at Facebook and not running targeted ads whatsoever so if you’re a real estate agent think about running those ads to target first time home buyers or people that might potentially be looking to buy a house you have the power of that data right at your fingertips the other thing that you want to know when running Facebook Ads is what is your objective is it to buy clicks is it to buy engagement is it to buy views is it to buy leaves make sure that you are targeted with what your objective is in addition to your audience so once again if you’re spending money on Facebook on ads you shouldn’t just throw your money away because you want to get more views on a video or you want to get necessarily more comment to that video what you want to get is buyers so make sure that your objective is tailored to what your end game is which in this case would be to get more leads or to get more conversions.

 2. Is to use popular social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter as search engines let’s face it these social networks. Nowadays provide end-users with a lot of data and easy access to reach large no of people. Also, you can go on Twitter right now and you can type into any search phrase you can type into any business virtually any executive and a company that you want to work with or that you want to get their attention. So in case if you are a creator or an influencer and you want to work with say, Nike you could go on Twitter right now you can type in Nike you can click people and now you can see a search of anyone that has at Nike in their profile on Twitter. The same thing applies for Instagram or you can use hashtags to run searches for people that are speaking about specific topics so if you are let’s say an SEO expert. You can type in SEO help on Twitter and you can see anyone that’s talking about this particular topic swoop in and offer to help them out that is the power of using Twitter and even Instagram for search going forward in making sure that as you are creating content and building relationships on these platforms that you are also using them as search engines.

3. Have a plan to have a schedule according to this post by social media today having a core social media schedule can help you create consistency and retention billion gaps create consistent interactions and reach figure out what works and what doesn’t pull your hair out which by the way I highly discourage free up more time and develop an outline your brand story impromptu your approach to social media in just isn’t going to cut it there’s too much competition as I said your social content is going to have to be absolutely amazing this means the majority of it is inevitably going to need to decline it may need to be aligned with product launches the company roadmap holidays and events luckily there’s more tools and I can even count to help you out of this to scheduling tools that I would recommend a Hootsuite and Buffer Hootsuite has slightly more functionality but buffers a little on the cheaper side at growth tribe our overall content calendar actually has a huge influence on our social media calendar as does the company roadmap any product launches that might be coming up the holiday and events calendar plus any recurring native social content that we play on a regular basis.

4. The Next and last is a bonus so if you are hung around this long I’m going to give you a bonus social media tip for you to follow in and that my friend’s places make sure that as you are going to different places on Instagram specifically as you’re-sharing your content you want to tag where you re at the reason why is because as you’re going to these places and sharing content there are other people they’re either doing the same or they’re looking for content in these venues so if you go to let s say a sporting event I live in Los Angeles if I go to a Lakers game, I’m going to go to Staples Centre and I want my content to be indexed within Staples Centre, because it’s all about discoverability I have about followers right now on Instagram so how am I going to grow my following it’s by posting content consistently on a daily basis making sure of hashtags but making sure my content is also easily discoverable with where I visit so once again throughout make sure that not only are you paying to optimize your content and get additional reach but you can also do a couple of easy tips and tricks to get more organic reach and it starts with tagging the places of where you visit and post content on Instagram that is a wrap thank you so much for reading this social media article.

There are many Digital marketers, Influencers and Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka are using these techniques and these are already proven techniques.


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