Top 5 Money Management Tips – Tereza Burki

Tereza Burki

Do you always left out of budget at the end of a month and flabbergasted where the hell money wafts away?

You might be ignorant towards money management, here Tereza Burki a savvy in financial matters is with utilitarian budgeting tips that will settle all your financial crises.  

Well being of human life entirely depends on the earnings that one made with different means whether he/she is wallowed in business, job and collaboration of both. Money is the base that decides one’s life style and status. Earning money is important but properly managing it is crucial.

Qualitative Money Management Tips  

Set Your Budget Priority Plan

Set out the priority where you have a crucial need to squander money according to the income you’re earning per month. Align your financial priorities and make a smooth going financial budget which includes all necessary spending of the month. Your priorities might be paying rent, EMI, School Fees, daily travelling allowances and more.

Keeping check and reserving money for all these tasks will open a way for you to make savings and it will also facilitate you to know the loop holes which are taking your money unnecessarily.

Stick to the Plan

Tereza Burki says making plan is not enough but one has to stick to the plan if he/she wants to wants to see his/her budget equally balanced at the end of the month without having any burden of payment on head. Money management is not something that one can lean in a day;it is a consistent process that one gets proficient in with the passage of time.

From my young age I personally used to do this and believe me it really works.

Dealing with Emergencies

Life is unpredictable, unfortunate circumstances could arise at any point of time which may need immediate spending of money,one must have leveraged budgeting plan, where there must be reserved budged for emergencies.  If you are struggling with money management, Tereza can be a perfect solution for one to explore the topic further.

Find What is Working?

Planning is an ongoing process and don’t stick with one plan, try more than one plan with some upgrading. When you will start money management, it is not necessary one will get success at the very first try, if one plan fails learn from it and go for the other at the end you will have a full proof smart plan.  

Bottom Line: If one is living in the myth that money management is desirable for big brands and for the businessman,who have annual turnover of millions, then they need to clear their mind, money is crucial for everyone to improve one’s well being and to generate savings.


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