Top 6 Ways to Manage Reputation Online


You would hardly find a company that has not had an issue arise with consumers because of flaws in services weather it is true or planted by rivals. Wide spread use of internet is reducing barrier between you and your customers that has two side effects positive as well as negative. Anything posted on internet spread out like fire and impacts brands image to Manage Reputation Online one has to be prepared to handle customer complaints.

Here we are giving 6 prominent ways to reduce negative impacts of bad reviews on your business

1.Google Your-Self

It is the very first step in managing your online reputation because before making any strategy you must have information about what your customers are thinking about you and how you are going to change their perception. Google yourself and read all the stuff whether it is positive or negative.

How to make searching?

Search for your name, maiden name and nickname apart from this you can search your name with some keywords and those could be your hometown, city, occupation etc.

2. Controlling Your Web Presence

Social media platforms are the most effective ways to maintain your online presence. If you have B2C it simply means you have to manage profile on twitter, face book, and Google+ and if you have B2B you must include LinkedIn, Pin-interest, Flickr and YouTube are appreciated places for you to have a presence.

3. Management of Company Accounts

It is completely all right if you have accounts on social media but having them is not enough you must have company accounts to increase your engagement and influence. You have to construct a strong presence so that any negative review can be countered on time before it harms your business’s reputation.

4. Manage Your Individual Accounts

Image is everything in business world; company’s identity is strongly associated with key executive, owners and founders one has to manage their accounts actively on internet to Manage Reputation Online efficiently.

5. Have a Blog

Quality content populate your social media accounts when it comes to SEO it helps to improve rakings, it also provide a forum to directly respond to any public statement made about your company if necessary.

6. Don’t Indulge in Argument

Participating in online arguments is an idiotic thing, in case you get something negative from customers no matter if it is your fault or not try to resolve it offline. Don’t take any step in the heat of moment because it is quite difficult to retain your image on the web if it gets destroyed.

Hopefully, all the steps mentioned in the blog would be a help for you to manage reputation online it is a thorough process that requires time as well as money. Although one can do it by him/her self but if you don’t have enough time you can take help from professional firms such as Dr. Rissy’s Writing working in the field from years.


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