TRAI launched a new website: Find out which Company’s Mobile Plan is Lowest One


    Telecom regulator TRAI has created a portal. Here you can compare cheap tariffs of mobile companies and choose cheap plans for yourself. In this, you will be able to compare tariff plans offered by different mobile companies in different service areas.

    Convenience for Mobile Consumers

    TRAI has taken this step to bring transparency in different tariff plans of different companies present in large numbers. Hopefully, this will benefit large numbers of mobile consumers. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said in a statement that the mobile subscriber is now available on the same site at for various Telecom Service Providers (TSPs) of different Licensed Service Area (LSA). You can choose the cheapest plan from the offer.

    Customers will also be able to give their feedback on this portal. The special thing is that this is a beta site. On this website, customers can take information of all types of tariffs, plan vouchers, STVs, top-ups, promos, VAS, by selecting mobile, landline, prepaid, postpaid, and operators.

    Regulatory said, “TRAI’s website ( provides information on different tariff plans and other tariffs in the format to be downloaded, which is easily available. Not only this platform Customers will be benefited, but other customers will be able to choose tariff plan by comparison. ”

    Transparency in the telecom sector

    TRAI said that we are our commitment to transparency in the telecom sector. Anyone can go to this portal and compare all types of mobile or landline tariffs and download the report of that comparison and also print it. Currently, various operators give their tariff information on their site. TRAI believes that due to the coming of every tariff of every company in one place on the portal, not only will the benefit of mobile customers but it will also benefit the mobile companies in making tariff plans.

    Delhi Circle data will start from

    Initially, tariff data of Delhi Circle will be present on the portal. After this, the feedback about the new site will be asked. Consumers will be taken feedback about the beta site’s version. After this, the site will be added to the entire country circle. In the Beta version of this portal, only tariff data provided by Delhi Circle Telecom operators have been made available.


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