Ultimate Benefits of Fitness For Health by Alexander Oulton

Alexander Oulton

Introduction: In the prevention of diseases, doctors and experts recommend enhancing physical activity as a means of improving health. As the technical progress in the last 50 years has increased steadily, the problems of health security have increased significantly.

Alexander Olton has discussed in increasing his level of physical activity helps prevent chronic diseases so that you can live longer and enjoy more quality of life.

This proves that due to the increase in NT-Progress, most people begin experiencing a significant increase in the lack of physical activity and stress load. The cost incurred on the health of physically uncontrolled people is just amazing.

In this situation, health professionals are associated with a low level of fitness and as a result, there are high incidents of cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, myocardial influenza, and diabetes mellitus).

Famous Facts: Using a balanced diet with limited absorbent carbohydrate (sugar, white bread, chips etc.) it is possible to reduce the risk of heart and blood vessels as well as other diseases related to aging. ) And physical exercise which strengthen the cardiovascular system. There is a direct connection between the neglect of training and the risk of heart disease.

Studies from Western sociologists have shown that exercise can help keep a clear mind in old age. And on the contrary, an imminent lifestyle, lack of practice is the direct method of initial mental decline.

It has been shown that in the case of humans, for three weeks to lay on the sofa, the intelligence volume (IQ) decreases by 20 points.

Alexander says that the Health can help in restoring mental abilities, as well as improving the resistance of the human body’s virus and stress, along with the most common mental illnesses – can help reduce the likelihood of exposure to depression.

How fitness programs can improve the health and happiness of a job well?

The psychological and physical benefits of active leave can be achieved by applying a fitness program on the basis of science. Due to running firmly through training, the human body passes through a series of beneficial processes: increases the efficiency of the heart, improves blood flow in the brain, strengthens muscles, joints and bones, metabolism faster It helps, it helps you lose weight, digestion improves clearly, the resistance of the disease increases, the sleep becomes deeper , And you get pleasure!

The basis of health and longevity will be regular exercise, three times a week for at least 30 minutes.

Regular busy people live longer and feel better! Strong exercise done in the middle of the day improves brain work, and increases productivity in the next 4-5 hours.

Fitness training includes endurance exercises (jogging, walking, cycling etc.), and strength exercises, as well as all types of gymnastics, and even dances.

To work in the gym, remember that a group of muscles should work so that relief in a beautiful muscle, we have to reduce the maximum load on joints and tendons.

Finally, I want to add: Do not be afraid to take the first step, start regular exercise and see yourself in the mirror after 2 – 3 weeks, you will see results first!


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