Understanding Legal Process Outsourcing and its Working in India

Legal Process Outsourcing working in india

These days, Law Firms and Lawyers tend to outsource legal work from off-shore zones, especially areas where the cost of offering Legal Services is high such as America, Germany, Europe, UK, Australia etc. to Legal Process Outsourcing companies to nations where service cost is affordable (Philippines, India).

It may sound bizarre but legal services are gradually becoming the next big destination for a “cool” BPO. In the past few years, the legal process outsourcing (LPO) recorded a 50 per cent growth. The number is growing each year. LPOs have been highly successful in creating a niche for themselves. The metropolitan cities in India are cashing on this trend.

It all started in the year 2003 when law firms started offering legal process outsourcing services to developed nations such as U.S. and U.K. The number of law firms has grown to an astounding 120.

Some of the major reasons behind this extensive growth in the legal process outsourcing sector include the following listed below:

– Sudden and consistent increase in demand

– Vendor maturity

– Increasing capability of vendors to offer higher value services

The sector has shown higher potential to grow at a faster pace. It has motivated a large number of foreign based companies to outsourcing work to India. These LPOs offer high quality work at affordable/decent rate.

As per a study a few years back by the US-based Forester Research, it is revealed that the present annual global legal outsourcing value stands at $146 million. It was estimated that the number could rise up to $640 m to give as many as 32,000 jobs by the year 2010. Another estimation was made that the rise may go up to $4 billion offering 79,000 jobs by the year 2015.

LPO – In Demand Always

Legal process outsourcing is in huge demand these days in India. The reason is Indians are capable of producing a large number of legal professionals who have a good working knowledge of English. Presently there are over 100 LPO firms all over India. Most of the big companies have started massive hiring in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

The job in an LPO is diverse. It involves a lot of things such as:

– Quantitative tasks (tasks requiring low skills)

– Qualitative tasks (tasks that require intensive tasks)

– Legal transcription

– Research memoranda

– Drafting contracts

– Pleadings

– Preparing briefs

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Most of the third party service providers for KPO and BPO have also added LPO into their portfolio. Presently, they are very smart at handling legal tasks:

– Offering litigation support

– Patent filing

– Drafting varied types of legal reports

– Patent proof reading

Growth in future will be in high-volume services. These usually include legal publishing, eDiscovery, document review, and much more. They also handle niche areas in contract services, intellectual property etc.

The job could be contractual or an hourly-wage basis. However, most LPOs prefer working on a contract basis, as this is hassle free.

These days, fresh law graduates prefer joining LPOs. They feel this is much better than jostling among clients in crowded city courts. Opportunities at court are limited especially for freshers or new lawyers. Additionally, LPOs offer higher salary packages. This means a fresher can expect anywhere between 25,000 and 30,000. Most lawyers practicing from traditional legal firms are also quitting. They are now joining the legal process outsourcing to grab fatter salary opportunities.

The LPO is the future of law services. Getting in touch with the skilled lawyers and team of advocates can help you understand the trend better.


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