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Vikash Kumar GOC

Mr Vikash Kumar GOC and OD is an experienced optometrist currently practicing in Michigan. He specializes in pediatric eye care, binocular vision, specialist contact lenses, and is an expert in treating dry eyes.

With a Master’s qualification in optometry, Mr Vikash Kumar optometrist is able to provide care for numerous problems, and this has given him invaluable experience throughout his career. After first qualifying in Optometry from the University of Cardiff in 2000, Mr Vikash Kumar worked across several top hospitals before immigrating to the US to pursue his OD. During this qualification, he was recognized for his aptitude with children.

Having worked at several paediatric clinics amongst renowned paediatric ophthalmologists, Dr Vikash Kumar is highly experienced in the examination of children to detect lazy eyes, squints, and binocular vision problems. His training and experience means that he can provide specialist eye care for infants and children.

Vikash Kumar Optometrist is a primary eye care provider who is licensed and university educated as a doctor of optometry, to examine the eyes, diagnose defects in vision, signs of injury and ocular diseases or other disorders of the eye and visual system.

His contact lens specialism was further developed during his time at Madison Heights, Michigan. He worked alongside the corneal clinics to provide complex contact lens fitting to patients with corneal irregularities due to keratoconus, trauma, and post-refractive surgery. His medical specialization is Optometrist with a special interest in pediatric optometry.

One of Mr Vikash Kumar’s biggest interests and specialties is dry eye syndrome, which stems from his experience of treating many lipid deficit problems. He is now very passionate about improving the treatment options available for dry eye and is able to provide a level of care to his patients that are framed with a real understanding of what it is like to live with dry eyes. Vikash Kumar GOC is health care professional helps you to manage your vision abnormalities including reflective errors as well as various eye diseases. Vikash Kumar has special interest in paediatric optometry. Vikash Kumar fitness to practice also delighted to see patients privately and has many years of experience.


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