Vikram Katral – How To Find An Investor For Your Startup

Vikram Katral

Finding the right investor may be the first thing in your mind if you have just set out for a start-up. With so many startups mushrooming these days, Vikram Katral explains it is unfortunate to note that about 90% of them start losing business and closing down within one year of their founding. While there may be many reasons for these losing and closing downs but the most obvious reason seem to be a lack of proper funding and investments from time to time. Similarly, the right investors and investments on a timely basis could mean the business getting fueled but the million-dollar question is how to find an investor for your startup. Continue reading to find an investor(s) for your startup.

Following are some of the most effective ways to find investors for your startup:

Connecting To the Business Schools

Connect to the best universities with a strong business or entrepreneurial program. “With a strong network of investors and successful entrepreneurs from their alumni, they can bring immense opportunities for the right investors for your business”, says Vikram Katral, the experienced entrepreneur with investment interests ranging from traditional sectors like Hospitality and Healthcare to ever evolving Biotech and Technology sectors. If you have graduated from a top business school having alumni in various fields especially business then you can pitch your idea to them. Generally, they are eager to help if the idea is innovative and has potential.

Through Similar Industry Friends

If you have friends or know some other company founders similar to the industry you are seeking investors for, ask for their recommendations. Just like you, investors may be looking for the right companies to invest in. These investors find companies through their vast networks in different areas such as biotech, retail, travel, or mobile app developing.

Crowd funding

The word crowd-funding is the amalgamation of the two words crowd and funding. The ‘crowd’ in crowd funding refers to the people or organizations that provide the funds. You can raise money through crowd funding, you can pitch for it seeking funds by posting details of your project or business idea on a crowd funding website.

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Your City’s Entrepreneurial Community

Making your networks and reach wider by joining regional tech suggests by Katral. startup groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, attending various events, helping out with an organizing committee is very likely to generate many opportunities for adequate funds as you get to meet with so many people having similar interests. Talking about struggles in the life of entrepreneurs with your city’s entrepreneurial community can start a conversation among them. If you have a business idea that can make society a better place to live-in then different entrepreneurial communities and philanthropists will have no problem funding for your startup. “If you are only motivated by business or money then you should start thinking about something which can serve a wider range of interests making society a better place to live in with the implementation of the ideas which was never seen before” as expressed by Vikram.


According to Vikram Katral, starting a startup is implementing a new idea that can make society a better place to live in besides the business aspect associated with it. Many wannabe startup investors struggle to get adequate funds for their startups. Omega Ark Investments offers different ways to find investors include connecting to the business schools and their successful entrepreneurial alumni, crowd funding and through similar industry friends as agreed by Katral.


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