What Exactly Require For Growth Hacking – Ferhan Patel


Growth hacking is the non-conventional way to enhance the growth rate of your products and services. With the help of growth hacking you can experiment with different ideas and focus on the important ones.

The job of the growth hacker is find that how everything is going effect on the growth of the company. Ferhan Patel provides actionable tips for growth hacking your business. Some growth hacking techniques you can also apply in your business which is discuss below.

1. Check Your Skill List.

You need to be a complete package of creative ideas while you are talking about the skill in growth hacking. A growth hacker should have creative ideas in the market, analytical skills, and a little bit of knowledge about coding.

Also, a growth hacker must be good in social networking, blog writing, content and a good knowledge of research, and analytics.

There is a fine difference between growth hacking and digital marketing, digital marketing is worked for the brand value and position of the organization while growth hacking working on the growth of the company’s business with different tactics/ideas.

2. Follow the Three Instructions:-

Main three growth hacking instruction mentioned below –

A) What exactly customers want?

B) Where does your customer reside?

C) What language does your customer speak?

With these three things you can cautiously figure out the customer persona.

As a growth hacker, it is very important to create a person persona, and that will determine your efforts. Know the person is the crucial part so you have to be done very carefully. Most of the startups fail because of the wrong perception of customers and simply target their marketing efforts towards the unnecessary crowd.

3. Be Creative:-

As a growth hacker, you must be aware, ingenious, and elegant. It’s crucial to know some growth source, tackle, and secret for amazing growth in a faster and better manner.

4. Know On Growth Tools:-

As a growth hacker, your goal should be to lower the cost per acquirement as much as possible. Not to using paid ads, discover the eternal free tools in every aspect of your job. Buzzsumo, Hotjar, Snip.ly, Qualaroo and Typeform, etc.

5. Follow AAARRR Model:-

Growth hacking AAARRR model is defined as the customer behavior blueprint that allows you to monitor your customer journey and growth. It includes six stages:-

Awareness – Make yourself visible. This will point out the positioning of your company/brand.

Acquisition – How easily can people find you? You will figure out soon what works and what doesn’t.

Activation – Creative ideas should work here.

Retention – Do your customers come back to you after the initial experience of your product/service?

Revenue –The more the number of users the more revenue you make. With amazing product value propositions conveying them properly.

Referral – Ask your existing customers to refer others for your product/service with help of some incentive programs.               


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