Leslie Hamerschlag- What is Social Media and How Does It Work?


Social networks here, social networks there! Today we are overwhelmed by social networks. We talk about it everywhere! But what is it exactly? How does it work? And what are they used for? So many questions that anyone can ask themselves and whose answers, more or less correct, abound on the Net. This article by Leslie Hamerschlag will aim to explain, in a simple way, social networks.

Let’s start with the beginning. What is a social network? Social networks on the internet were discovered in the United States in 1995 but were not known by all the continents until 2004. A social network is a set of individuals connected to each other. These individuals share common interests, knowledge, trades, and passions.

When you send an email to your aunt to wish her a birthday and at the same time your brother does the same thing, you are three of you forming a social network. Indeed, you know your aunt, your brother knows your aunt then you know your brother. It may sound silly, but it is characteristic of a social network.

But the latter is not formalized, it is not materialized, there is not a platform that allows you to see who knows who, who speaks with whom, etc. According to Leslie Hamerschlag, the social network is what makes it possible to materialize the exchanges between individuals.

How did it work? 

In a world that is growing faster and faster and where interactions between people who are distant from each other are essential, it was necessary to set up these networks which make it possible to communicate more easily and above all with individuals who share points common in order to create communities.

A community is a group of people, geographically distant, who have common points and who share them. It is in this sharing that knowledge grows. You like Kiwi ice cream but you only eat sorbets, be sure that someone, somewhere in the world, worships it just like you, but prefers it with mango chips. It is, therefore, in communities that social networks take all their meaning (and their essence).

Here we find the meaning of the internet, the unlimited sharing of information with whoever you want when you want. Social networks have made it possible to set a framework, to illustrate these groups and to segment them. The social network is then composed of several communities which can interact with each other.

Useful knowledge: since the appearance of social networks, the degrees of knowledge increased from 6 to around 4 people. Example: I can know a person on the other side of the planet thanks to only 4 people! I know a person, who knows one, who herself knows one, who knows one who knows the person I am looking for.

So what are they used for? 

We partially answered it. So we know that thanks to social networks we can share more what we are passionate about, what we hate, our professional or personal contacts. Basically it is an incredible communication tool and in which professionals are more and more seriously interested. Social networks are used to communicate freely around the world.

See you next Friday, we will tell you about the different social and professional networks and especially how to use them thanks to tutorials created by Leslie Hamerschlag, just for you! If questions persist, please do not hesitate to ask her. She will always be online to answer you!


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